15241930_10154427342527535_3010169301967385324_n…Jean Louise. If the name sounds familiar it’s the name of the main character Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird. We couldn’t name her “Scout” because that’s the name of my mom’s dog. I snapped this photo about two hours ago. At the time I took the photo she was 11 months 2 days and 1 hour old. (Not that I’m counting down to the very hour every time I mention her age.) She is probably going to pop up a lot on this blog. So, you can at least check in for the cute kid pics.

That doesn’t mean that I’m going to give up my dad blog—DAN a.k.a. DAD. As I stated in my last (and first post) my dad blog will be returning after the first of the year. But, in an effort to post frequently here at DanTaylor.Blog, there are bound to be posts featuring my awesome kid. Note: I use #myawesomekid frequently with my Instagram posts.


photo_dantaylorblogWho says blogging is dead? Well, just about everybody. So naturally, the “.blog” domain extension became available a few weeks back to coexist along the likes of .com, .net, and .org. And even more naturally, I jumped on obtaining “” to add to my ever expanding array of domain names. Suck it all you other Dan Taylors out there with a blog. You snooze, you lose.

If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen my post about closing down my current websites in order to better organize and rebrand my web presence. Part of that rebranding is utilizing the .blog domain that I spent $29 to get. This blog will take the place of the previous I plan to utilize this medium to once again write more often—even if it’s just to bitch about something or my own self indulgent musings. I’ll also post about my exploits in writing and self-publishing, including comics (which I’ll be doing less of) and role-playing games (which I hope to do more of).

What about the other going-ons that I have bouncing about the interwebs? Starmageddon—the Star Trek and Star Wars podcast with Michael May and Ron Ankeny—will continue. (Two new episodes are scheduled for later in December.) The Raw Nerd Podcast will return after the first of the year as well. I’ve got a few other podcast related projects peculating as well. In the upcoming year I will also be turning the heat up on the By Way Of Ray project that will honor Ray Bradbury on his 100th birthday. And on the role-playing game front, look for GeekPunk Games‘ first self-published major release in the first quarter. (Yes, that damn Kickstarter project will finally see the light of day.) Oh, and I’m sure there will be plenty about my daughter Jean Louise (who officially hit 11 months yesterday), but the DAN a.k.a. DAD “dad blog” will also be returning after the first of the year.

So basically… DanTaylor.Blog is the first of the all-new GeekPunk “web network.” Stay tuned. Aw… nobody’s reading this anyway.