Martha Nussbaum: Feeling, Fragility, Flourishing

There are few living philosophers as celebrated, renowned (or enjoyable to read) as Martha Nussbaum. Her works span a vast array of subjects, from ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, to global economic development, education, feminism, ageing, love, sex, desire, and animal rights. Above all, Martha Nussbaum highlights the central role of the emotions in ethical and political life. This course offers a comprehensive introduction into this prolific, fascinating and at times controversial thinker. Through studying a range of her writing, including The Fragility of Goodness, Cultivating Humanity, Sex and Social Justice, Hiding from Humanity, up to her most recent work, and will explore what flourishing might mean today.

The final third of this course took place during proper lockdown conditions, so the slides are accompanied by my lecture on YouTube embedded here.

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