“How the cuts will affect you”


This itself is nothing, it’s the people that are going to be discharged, dismissed and neglected whose lives are really going to be screwed up by short-term economic tinkering. George Soros famously did the Conservative govt’s accounts over back in 1992, but even he predicts that the current government will do a far better job of helping out extremely wealthy businessmen. Ah well. All in it together eh. More coming up soon with this….

This is part-time work I’m looking for, but for all the applications little luck. Bar work is good fun though. Life is pretty tiring and hectic right now. Wrote properly last Saturday, otherwise little. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Life is hard for a lot of people right now, really difficult for some. In some brain tests I did today, I stumbled across – and somehow guessed correctly – the meaning of a word I didn’t think I knew: panacea. I wish there was some kind of panacea for this unhappiness. So does everyone else. Panacea is big business. Banking has learned a lot, I think, from alchemy. Bring on wise words, funny words, sad words, loving words, friendship and time out.


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