Cheap kindles for one day alone

Fig. 1. Generic life in all its splendor

Fig 2. Buy some stuff you don’t need

No, I will not politely make a permissive joke of the Amazon Kindle. I see their number increasing and becoming unexceptional in London, like obesity and unnecessary epaulettes on shirts and jackets. My attitude here is the same as childbirth and adoption: there is no case to abandon the huge number of books already existing for some crass novelty that makes one feel more grounded, relevant and fertile.  With what courageous idealism does a parent decide they are the special exception whose genes really are so worth perpetuating when there are so many lives already existing that could do with a compassionate and intelligent parent?

There are a huge number of very good second hand bookshops with well-loved books that first deserve your patronage. Hoping no-one’s planning to get me one in spite now, I’m sure they’re actually dead good n’all….

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