No revolt has so far been theorised into being. Action instead functions rather as the exercise or the excretion of anger and devastation, to be understood in its process and exercise rather than its origin or its consequent readings. The theory happens en-route, in the boredom and the malcontent of the anger, in the cheeky swipes, lunges and well-placed torches. Anyway, that’s where a predictable knee-jerk snooze #occupymay post ends. I was there yep. I’m fairly sure that protests have been theorised to death already. Follow the map instead. Try this too:

‘Zeus once ordered Prometheus to show mankind the two ways: one the way of freedom and the other the way of slavery. Prometheus made the way of freedom rough at the beginning, impassable and steep, with no water anywhere to drink, full of brambles, and beset with dangers on all sides at first. Eventually, however, it became a smooth plain, lined with paths and filled with groves of fruit trees and waterways. Thus the distressing experience ended in repose for those who breathe the air of freedom. The way of slavery, however, started out as a smooth plain at the beginning, full of flowers, pleasant to look at and quite luxurious, but in the end it became impassable, steep and insurmountable on all sides.’

– Aesop, Fable 535, Prometheus and the Two Roads.

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