Nowt Press – 13 Assertions

So, I was kindly contacted by Steve at Nowt Press to print a short essay. They’ve already printed some great essays and exchanges about The Fall and more. The printed word is difficult to dispose, transportable, easily shared in its current format, then difficult again to dispose. I’m trying to come to piece together a set of assertions about paper and physicality of the text, compared to abstraction and digitisation of information. So far, it’s resulted in two short stories written in the last week – ‘On Paper’, which will be published in a forthcoming issue of Stimulus Respond magazine, and ‘On Paper (reprise)’, which has no outlet yet. Maybe print it?! The second one is stranger. I’ll put a link up to the Stimulus piece when it’s up.

So, check out “A Brief History of Sacrifice in Digitised Economies: Thirteen Assertions” on Nowt Press. And if you like writing and publishing the strange and unusual, then I urge you to contact Steve at Nowt Press now.

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