Interview in Dust Magazine

Dust cover

I had the pleasure of excellent conversation with Inma Benedito, and the final interview features in the new issue of Dust Magazine.  It’s an exciting project to participate in, one that fuses a cold and sexual aesthetic with brave art writing in an impressive magazine format. It’s probably also the coolest publication I will be in for the foreseeable future, at least since the CCS brochure…!

It’s a 5-page interview, the longest text piece in the issue, and the rhythm and temperature increases as the interview progresses. I map out a fair bit of new political terrain, under the influence of bad insomnia, a gap in writing and excessive reading of Ballard, as well as Inma’s own excellent ideas and observations. If you can, take a look at the new issue, which is also being launched in London this Sunday too. Otherwise you should find it in a good art bookshop soon.

Negative_capitalism Dust


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