Three talks, two weeks


I’m temporary leaving the companionship of Spinoza and band rehearsals to give three talks on contemporary politics. It’d be nice to see people at Housmans in particular on 11th Sept.

“Perverted by language: British political discourses of fairness, opportunity and security in the midst of financial crisis”, at the European Sociological Association 11th conference 2013, Turin, on 29th August. Unfortunately it has a few quotes in from Tony Blair, David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith – sorry.

“For what use is a “fickle and inconstant” multitude? Striving, self-knowledge and collective desire in Spinoza’s political philosophy”, SEP-FEP 2013, CRMEP, Kingston University, 6th Sept. Spinozan pessimism, constitutional politics and the physics of unanimous collective power.

“Six months on, what’s changed? Negative Capitalism, a discussion” with me and Mark Fisher at Housmans, London, at 7pm at 11th September. What’s changing, what ways forward, what next? £3 entry but redeemable against any purchase

If you’re interested in any of these and want to see draft papers/notes, just email.


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