People’s Parliament

peoples parliament

How has capitalism got away with the financial crisis, and why is politics scared of political ideas?

Wednesday 19th March, 6.30pm – 8.30pm, Committee Room 8, House of Commons

Tickets are available here.


Mark Fisher (Zero Books)

Tariq Goddard (Zero Books)

Alex Niven (Zero Books)

Rhian Jones (Zero Books)

Dan Taylor (Zero Books)

What if Parliament represented and expressed the desires and needs of all those it claims to stand for? Perhaps they’d’ve closed it down… or perhaps we need to imagine and propose again alternatives, things to fight and dream for, things to believe in, to take seriously. Perhaps the institutions that are around us could be used to new ends – not by some unimaginable utopia, but through the dormant hopes of stressed people and squandered non-places of public life. Come along, say what you think.


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