OECD Forum 2017

This week I spoke at the OECD Forum 2017 in Paris about the geographies of discontent, and about my book Island Story.

It was such an unexpected honour to be invited, and the conversations I had over those two days were inspiring, difficult, revelatory and valuable. Find out more about the event and the other speakers here.

Much of it was recorded. Here’s an interview where I discuss Britain’s many island stories, and the next book project…

And a longer panel discussion where I discuss pride, collectivity, distinguishing between cultural and economic factors behind Brexit, and the fascinating case of Cornwall. The other panellists were brilliant, and if you have a moment take a listen to the discussion about trade unions in the US, retraining workers in Denmark, and the valuable work we can all do within our communities:

It was excellent! There’s more photos here and here, and you can join in the conversation after by signing up here.


2 responses to “OECD Forum 2017”

  1. Good luck! I’d be interested in hearing about any interesting ideas or evidence from the event.

    1. The OECD has been accused of being a talking shop, but there were some thoughtful discussions about the impact of technology and digitalisation on the future. What this, or the universal basic income, might mean for the majority of people in the world living in hardship wasn’t clear, but there was a prevailing sense that technology is rapidly outspeeding political discussion around work and care. There’s a network being set up of participants and people interested which is worth a look, with a number of articles and pieces already up – https://www.oecd-forum.org/. And otherwise hope you’re doing well Maria!

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