Audio essay


“A tale of two countries” is the title of an audio essay I’ve put together for an exhibition opening today Up North in an abandoned boozer. It’s a rough attempt to try to put across some feelings and ideas about the political and social mood at the moment.

The exhibition, “Will the last person to leave the 20th century please turn out the lights?”, is a journey into the West Yorkshire eerie, bringing together drawings, installations and audio. If you happen to be bowling by Baildon, between Bradford and Otley, it opens today. More info here.

If not, have a listen here.

Thanks goes to John Ledger for inviting me to produce something and for bringing it together.


2 responses to “Audio essay”

  1. Reblogged this on John Ledger and commented:
    A big thanks to JD Taylor for taking part in this. I will be uploading the full mix of the talks onto Soundcloud within the next day

  2. Cheers for this Dan. I’ll still waiting another day to see if the other person making the spoken word gets back to me, if not I’ll be uploading the entire piece in the next day. I’ve put yours and the end, as I think ending with Mark Fisher and the Eduardo Galeano quote finishes it all perfectly. Cheers!

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