October update

May this find you well…

Just briefly:

My next book, Spinoza and the Politics of Freedom, will be out with Edinburgh University Press from December this year. Hopefully a cheaper paperback will follow.

I am now a Lecturer in Social and Political Thought at the Open University, which I joined in July. My new colleagues and institution are wonderful. It feels like home. They are doing important work there.

I have redesigned and updated this site. There’s now a section on Teaching which has the YouTube videos and learning materials from two of my courses on The Stoics and post-war French philosophy (Society, Language, Difference). They were taught remotely this year during the lockdown. The Stoics in particular was an important one. They have a lot to teach us.

I will update that section with other teaching materials from my other courses in due course. I am starting a new phase of writing and research in political theory, with the blessing of job security and the Spinoza book soon behind me. But it will not be rushed.


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