Evening’s gentle sun


Strike 3 cover


I have a piece in the new issue of Strike! Magazine, which you can get here for just a quid, or preview here. It’s all about possibilities, about being bored, hungry, shattered, skint, and below is quick excerpt.

The evening’s gentle sun is sinking, and the red skies above the soon to be demolished council high-rises carry an air of extraordinary beauty, simplicity and peace. 

Beneath the palisades of CCTV posts, surplus street-signs and rolling billboards, I cycle through familiar streets, a nice way to pass the time and keep fit when you can’t afford to meet friends in pubs or eat much except processed foods, frozen tinned or dried. The bike’s seen better days but it’s a gift from my Dad, from the last generation of workers who can still expect a pension, at the expense of long-frozen wages and delayed retirement. I could go back home, but my head’s still reeling from arguing with my partner again about how skint we are and the growing number of things we can’t fix. So I’ll keep cycling a little further, marvelling at the beauty of the sky this evening. …

Keep following the excellent Strike at http://www.strikemag.org.


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