Learning how to disappear – live in Deptford


lewisham talking newspaper

My story ‘Learning how to disappear’ will be read at the Albany Theatre on 16 August for a free event organised by Lewisham Talking Newspaper.

Stories and music about Deptford and the surrounding area will be brought together before a live audience, and recorded for visually-impaired people who the organisation helps, with the aim of raising awareness of Lewisham Talking Newspaper, a valuable community organisation running since 1977.

The story is about two people and their association through the Deptford Psychogeographical Association. It’s a dark and disquieting story – what one ain’t? – but suffused with a burnt love which I think carries through. There’s hope there, and not that desperate hope which demands not to speak of doubts, but something of a different species, the kind of hope without imagination that comes in the pure submission of one’s self into something other. Like cheap caffs, bad tattoos, signing on and grimey mattresses. The finer things!

It’s an honour that it will be heard in and by the community which inspired it. The event is free and tickets can be booked here.

Find out more about Lewisham Talking Newspaper, the organisers.

Or read the original story in Nyx, a Noctournal issue #5, with an excellent illustration by Andy Blundell.


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