How is life man? I hear they are playing very well, your team. Palace? I don’t remember who their manager is now. I don’t really follow it, ha ha.

I’m doing well my friend. Life, it’s like a circle. When you are a baby and you’re helpless, you cry out, you are alone… Then you grow up, have your family… Then when you are old, you go back to the same as before. There are many older people here who are alone, who don’t go out, their family don’t see them. It’s sad. In my culture people always look out for the elderly, and the children. The neighbours and friends will come round, bring food, help them out. It’s in our religion, we have to do it. Yes, hehe, I know not everyone follows their religion. But it is different to here. My grandad, I would go and see him all the time, take him out, glass of wine. They are impressed, they are happy that someone cares for them. It would make him laugh, and make me happy doing it. I remember it now, and he was happy. Do it for what time you have left.

Your story makes me smile. It’s easy to get caught up with worries, you know… Money, finding someone to love. So many things are beyond our control. You could go into work and someone runs you over, or someone has a life changing opportunity. Or maybe nothing. What you can control is your relationships, caring for people. The way you interact. Cos one day we will be like them, like my grandad, and we will need loved ones around us.

I was in love with a woman once, when I was working in [the Midlands]. We were together for a few years, we broke up… It was hard. My brother helped get me a job here. Now I have my own business, I have a child, I am with someone good. Things are better now. You don’t know… what is around the corner. Just be good to others, that is all you can do.


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