God and the Devil


Change isn’t possible, change is.

People tell me I’m a… What’s it… Philosophy… Philosopher. I got knowledge from life. You’ve got to oof and boof it. Yeah boy! Fight. All the time. I used to be bad, do bad things, but I’m better now. But you can’t take no shit. If it was up to me, I’d make everyone work. Yeah! That’s how they do it in my country. Not just letting people do what they like.

All the time you got God and the Devil on your shoulders, from the moment you wake up, yeah. Tell me, which one are you going to sleep with tonight? Cos it is only one. That’s real.

It’s hard, but I try to be positive. Help people out. Like I saw these kids, they were shouting and arguing with these people in the street yeah. And I just went in and said ‘stop it’. Cos you shouldn’t be shouting at kids. They’re just kids! People don’t understand the youth. You’ve got to let them be. I remember that age, always running round, knock down ginger! Yeah. Now they don’t let them get away with anything. I was stabbed yeah when I was carrying my boy. He was alright. I always said I’d get them out of gangs, them codes, you know. Now he’s alright. I’m proud of them. But since I fucked things up, I ain’t seen him much.

You alright though? Yeah… There’s something people got in their eye. Like I see it in you. You’re a child… no! I don’t mean it in a bad way. There’s a light in there. Innocent, you know. I can’t do bad things to that… cha. I need to. But it’s all positive. So I’m just gonna go away from here.

Like this.


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