Landmarks in London History

This module will provide an introduction to the social and cultural history of London. Through the study of primary and secondary source material, along with field trips to sites of cultural and historical significance, students will gain an understanding of the development of the city’s history and historiography.

Surveying London from the early modern period until the 1970s, students will be able to assess key themes in development of London as a world city and compare them to current perceptions of the urban environment. A key aspect of the module is the idea of simultaneity; that past and present London and Londoners develop, grow and are built on top and alongside each other.

The module takes a primarily thematic approach to London history, looking at ‘landmarks’ in terms of periods, events, people, ideas, locations and buildings. The module will also engage students with methodological approaches to urban and metropolitan history and ask questions about how the history of a city like London can and should be approached and studied.

This was a Year 2/3 History course taught at Goldsmiths, combining traditional lectures/seminars with walks. Below are lecture slides, seminar handouts and walking guides.

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